Rosso Piceno DOC

12-13% vols

Service temperature:  18°C

Type of wine: Red

Harvest is carried out manually when the right maturation of sugars, acids, and pH is reached.

Endowed with incredibly visual and taste intensity, Rosso Piceno is one of the most well known Le Marche red wine in Italy. It distinguishes itself for its ruby red colour accompanied by strong and structured aromas of fruit and spices. It is a wine reminiscing the culinary traditions of central Italy, from Le Marche and Abruzzo to Lazio.

The vineyard of origin is located on the hilly hinterland of Le Marche in the province of Ancona and is company owned. Soil is of medium consistency, fresh, with a southeast exposure. The process of “vinification” occurs with the skin’s maceration for ten to twelve days, followed by a phase of thermo-controlled fermentation. Subsequently, it refines itself for circa six to eight months in steel and four more months in bottle.

Colour: Intense ruby red.
Perfume: Vinous, intense of red flowers, red fruits, spices.
Flavour: Very drinkable, elegant, and with good presence; soft and harmonious.

Elaborated first courses, red meats, bush meat, sausages and seasoned cheeses.



It is the traditional harvest, taking place in the months of September and October, allowing a harvesting with the right balance of sugar and acids in the wine produced.