Rosso Conero DOC

13-13,5% vols

Service temperature:  18°C

Type of wine: Red

Manual harvest when the right balance between acids, sugars and pH is reached.

A red wine smelling of the nearby sea and, at the same time, coming from an area close to the dry climate of Mount Conero – a double origin describing the essence of Rosso Conero. Fruity aromas and a long persistence on the palate make this Le Marche wine a great companion for first courses and traditionally cooked meats.

Rosso Conero, as the name suggests, comes from the hills near Mount Conero, in central Le Marche, overlooking the Adriatic coast. The soil is well structured, calcareous and marly. During the “vinification” phase clusters’ de-stemming and pressing occur. Maceration of the grapes’ skin lasts 14 to 16 days, followed by a period of thermo-controlled fermentation. The refining stage takes eight to ten months in toasted and seasoned wood and at least four months in bottle.

Colour: Intense red.
Perfume: Vinous, intense of ripe red fruit, like sour cherry, plum, cherry, plum jam and spiced notes.
Flavour: Besides confirming the pleasant taste of fruit perceived on the nose, it shows great structure and is soft, warm, harmonious, flavoursome, vinous and persistent.

Elaborated first courses, with any type of roasted and grilled meat menus, bush meat, cheeses.



It is the traditional harvest, taking place in the months of September and October, allowing a harvesting with the right balance of sugar and acids in the wine produced.


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