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Passion, dedication and respect – we tell CasalFarneto’s story through our selection of wines, which can be tasted in our restaurant and wine bar.


Casalfarneto sparkling wines present their very own freshness and quality in “Primo” selection, from Tradional Method to Charmat Method.


CasalFarneto reinterpretates in a modern style the history of a drink linked to aperitif time: Vermouth.



In Le Marche region, in between the sea and the Apennines, some of the most beautiful hills of Ancona’s province unfold. Le Marche is the land of quality wines such as Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.  Here, with its 35 acres of vineyards, CasalFarneto Wine Estate is located, where technology, tradition, and sustainability combine to produce wines of excellence.

To each wine
its own harvest…

The charm of Autumnal vineyards is timeless. It is important to work passionately and manually so that each cluster of grape gains the flavours and colours of the good wine of the olden days. Since the vine pruning – vital for the plant’s renewal and its subsequent performance, until the clusters’ thinning and harvesting, each stage of the life in the winery is unique thanks to the attention to the terroir and the maintenance of its balance.

Le Marche


The Apennines, hills and Adriatic coast – infinitely varied landscapes unfold with linearity to create the unique land of Le Marche. This region is characterised by its variety of places of interest, culinary and wine-growing traditions, and cultural heritages…

Would you like to participate in a tasting? Or maybe you want to come to the winery to get to know us and stay updated on the news of our wines? CasalFarneto will write to you to give you exclusive information about its products!

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